Belize has a robust cooperation programme reflective of the multifaceted relationship it enjoys with its bilateral partners. While the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development manages the government’s Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) which is principally supported by the Government of Belize and international and regional financial institutions (IFIs), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs manages cooperation directly forged from its relationship with bilateral partners and regional and international organizations.

Cognizant of the contribution that the international cooperation programme makes to Belize’s development, the Ministry is making a concerted effort to mainstream its cooperation programme into the national policy development framework which will allow for a strengthened process.

Belize enjoys an extensive and rewarding cooperation programme with its bilateral partners and international and regional organizations. The cooperation programme stems principally from the mutually supportive interface between Belize and its bilateral partners and is a reflection of efforts to integrate Belize into international affairs. The programme includes a vast array of activities that cover several priority areas identified by the Government of Belize. These include: Health, Education, Information & Communication Technology, Trade, Human Capital Growth, Citizen Security, Natural Environment, Good Governance, Enterprise Development, and Agriculture to name a few. Assistance also include short term training, scholarships is select areas, provision of technical experts in health, education and other sectors, construction of school buildings and provision of equipments to security, and other sectors.

The support and cooperation Belize has received from its international partners manifest themselves in various ways. These results can be seen across the country in a tangible fashion and are concrete results that have a positive impact on an individual’s life, a community, and the nation as a whole.

We recognize we are living in challenging economic times especially as it relates to the provision of development assistance, and we heartily thank our bilateral partners for their continued support in the further development of Belize.